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Submitted on
May 19, 2012


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This Has Been Eating At My Core

Sat May 19, 2012, 5:57 PM

Ok. I was about to watch a YouTube clip, when as usual, that random commercial pops up. At first I was about to click skip when all of a sudden this commercial showed these pigs being beaten and tortured in this video below

(viewers discretion is advised)

So here I go on my emotional rant....

Why? Why must we, as homosapiens; why must we,as fellow animals of the earth, feel compelled to inflict such type of pain and suffering onto other living creatures? Seeing the video made my stomach turn, and I was left crying at the end. Crying because I couldn't fathom any sort of reason that would justify these workers at this factory to act the way they do. These monsters obviously have some sort of chemical imbalance going on in that brain of theirs. I mean really, who the hell tosses piglets in the air, slam their bodies into walls, and stomps on them. Who the fuck does that. Who the fuck grabs a turkey by its neck and twists it 360 degrees? Surely no normal person. These people are sociopaths. Incapable of feeling any type of emotion. And just think. If they are able to do this with animals; imagine what they are capable of doing to other people.
   Secondly, the conditions these animals are put in. Chickens and other forms of poultry are corralled in these unsanitary living conditions. If one bird gets sick, do you know who fast that illness would spread. And yet they still sell the meat of these birds. Where the hell is the FDA?! They're quick to shut down a burger king because a piece of hair in some fries, but not to shut down a slaughterhouse with birds carrying salmonella poisoning? Pigs and cows are stationed in this pens without any room for mobility. Chickens are stuffed into these small wired cages with dozens of them in there. Damned creatures suffering broken legs  from being pumped up with growth hormones causing them to develop faster than their body can match. Which brings up another things; we also consume those growth hormones in these animals.
    I find it utterly repulsive the way these innocent creatures have to live out their short lives just for our consumption. That's why I support hunting for food. Why? Because for one, you know your meat did not come from some uncleaned factory, and secondly you give that animal a chance to fight for its life. In a factory they wait to die. In the wild, they have a greater chance to escape. Having cows tied upside down with tons on weight pressing down on their lungs only to have their throats slit and bleed to death. Chickens having their sensitive beaks cuts; pigs being stabbed instead of a simple clean kill. Humans are so fucking awesome aren't we?!

  Even typing this journal does not fully express my outermost abhorrence to the subject at hand. I eat meat. I love meat. But I do not support these animals suffering at my expense. Why don't the media take it''s attention way from these whole anti-bully propaganda and show Americans what really goes on between the time that animal entered that hell, to the time it was on their plate.
   I value all life. From the whale, to those scary ass spiders that get in my house. I do not rank ones life above another simply on their species or intelligence. A soul is a soul. And we, as people, tend not to see that. Not even among are own species. You see, it's this pondering thought that I've always had as a child. Is man, at his core, truly evil? We must be. We are the only living organism that kill for jealousy, greed, religion, rage, or most of all disturbing, no rationality.

Peace Out

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ClearFog Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's Brutal D:
Atleast give the pig a descent kill, that doesn't involve suffering =(
Because were human, we eat meat and vegetebals...
PhilippineRevolution Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
[[WARNING: Long Ranty Comment. I just need to get this off my chest.

And to think people thought this was good at first... I'll have to keep an eye on what goes on at the farm back home to make sure nothing too bad happens. Most of the animals there ware well taken care of, and a lot of them don't have very many restraints. Heck, most of the people there don't even have meat that often; just rice and fish (Main staples). If actual farms were grown the was companies displayed they were grown- instead of practical factories, most people eating that produce probably won't get sick as easily(Given they have the skills to cook properly).

The problem is, most natural food doesn't jump the hurdle of the "cleanliness" and "Effectiveness" expectations that are set by the factories. Another problem is the growing world population; There are already a lot of people on this world already, and cutting back on our current way of mass-producing "edibles" will cause mass starvation, seeing as the more densely populated first and second world countries tend to rely on such methods. Switching entirely to organic and more animal friendly-kinds of farming will substantially heighten costs, take up more land (may interfere with city and suburb sprawl), and overall, reduce production of food. Using technology, chemicals, the production line method, and machinery seems to have brought humanity to this point, and scientist are trying to move forward with it instead of trying to solve the root of all the problems. Sure, solving this "root"will have a cost to humanity, but it's only fair that we pay our debts somehow in the hindsight that us people have gained and not given back so much in the first place.

Then there's also links as to who owns what and how poorly the actual workers are treated. For example: Farmers in the agriculture industry sometimes can't save seed for next year because a certain company owns a patent on a certain variation in the crop's RNA (Making the crop a GMO). If they can't save seeds, they have to buy the seed every year. On top of that they have to pay to maintain the farm and it's machinery, continue owning their lands, and sometimes support family. All the expenses cause them to fall hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt. It's almost the same with the meat-producers. They need to pay to buy animals every year, feed and care for the animals (Breast-enhancing chemicals are costly!), make the dark, stinky, dank shacks they live in, upgrade them repeatedly, and both categories need more poorly-paid workers to work under the farmers to maintain the farms. Moving on, there's also the production line that goes on in the meat-processing factory. The process is simply sick and morally wrong to even watch. The workers, again have horrible pay; some of them are illegal immigrants (coming north because their farms cannot compete with the cheapness of hiring companies), and the health standards... ugh. Lots of the foods in the western markets now are just lots and lots of corn or wheat, ground up with corn syrups of sorts that make things stick together.

Even over all that, the people that own the companies are also supported by, and are sometimes IN the government. It's not simple, but it is still possible to reduce the impact of all the issue, so why doesn't anyone do anything?

I really must question the idiocity of the people controlling our lives sometimes.]]
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